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SignPost Cancer Dx Inc. Files Provisional Patent

DNA Methylation Multivariate Biomarkers Offers 98% Specificity and Sensitivity

July 28, 2020 – Ontario, Canada – SignPost Cancer Dx Inc. (“SignPost” or “company”), a company developing an advanced molecular diagnostic test to identify invasive breast cancer, is pleased to announce the filing of a provisional patent for the company’s lead diagnostic test – BreastDefense.

SignPost’s goal is to create the world’s most accurate screening test for breast cancer utilizing BreastDefense.  BreastDefense is designed to detect all major subtypes of invasive breast cancers from stages 1 to 4.  The test has accuracy rates of 98% or higher – almost eliminating false positives (sensitivity) and false negatives (specificity).  BreastDefense is based upon proprietary algorithms and search strategies.

Currently, BreastDefense is designed as a lab developed test (LDT) to speed the path to market, making the test available as soon as possible.  Furthermore, SignPost is the first company in the world to achieve both high sensitivity and high specificity in one test – distinguishing BreastDefense from other molecular diagnostic tests.

SignPost intends to develop BreastDefense in both a tissue biopsy and a liquid biopsy format.  The liquid biopsy will help breast cancer survivors monitor remission and can also be used to assist mammographers to greatly improve accuracy with annual breast cancer screening.  The tissue biopsy will assist pathologists by improving accuracy in ambiguous cases and help prevent potential misdiagnosis.  The design of BreastDefense positions it for high potential uptake by doctors and patients.

“Having a provisional patent is a very significant milestone for SignPost.  This will allow SignPost to speed up development.  We can now openly share critical information with our development partner, Dynacare (a wholly-owned subsidiary of LabCorp), as we work together to complete clinical validation for the test.  It should greatly enhance our ability to attract capital to complete scale up. It will also position SignPost to patent the technology in the global market to fully amplify the promise and  opportunity” stated Peter Blaney, Chief Executive Officer.

About SignPost Cancer Dx Inc.

SignPost a company which has developed an advanced molecular diagnostic test, BreastDefense, to identify invasive breast cancer. BreastDefense will be a lab developed test.  In Canada, SignPost is working with Dynacare, a wholly owned subsidiary of LabCorp, to complete test validation.  SignPost was founded and is managed by Induran Ventures, a Venture Philanthropy General Partnership which strives to achieve both outsized returns and massive social impact through our projects.  For more information, please visit

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