Why BreastDefense?

BreastDefense answers a very simple but fundamental question. Is this tumor an indolent lesion, or an invasive breast cancer? This is a question that no other test can reliably answer. For breast cancer, the most common screening method - mammography - can be inaccurate. The New England Journal of Medicine estimates 31% of all breast cancer cases may be misdiagnosed.

BreastDefense does not rely on images, it is a lab developed molecular test.

Thousands of women are being misdiagnosed.

This needs to change.

With a simple blood draw, BreastDefense aims to distinguish benign and malignant tissue with a test that balances 98.5% accuracy for both sensitivity and specificity.

The Harm of Over-Diagnosis

What many women don't realize is the potential harm of over diagnosis, not to be confused with false positives. It is when a mammogram detects non-invasive or benign cancer which is unlikely to cause a problem. Currently, it can be difficult to tell in the early stages, which can lead to unnecessary treatment.  


How it would work

Step 1 Request a self-collection blood kit.
Step 2 Client returns kit to SignPost lab for analysis.
Step 3 The blood results are sent to the client and her health practitioner.
Step 4 Client and health practitioner decide next steps.