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Why Early Detection is Critical to Extending Life for Cancer Patients.

Take a listen to Peter Attias interview with Dr. Raza .

Peter Attia is a Canadian-American physician of Egyptian descent known for his medical practice that focuses on the science of longevity. He is also the first person to make the round-trip swim from Maui and Lanai.

Dr. Azra Raza is a physician, scientist, author, and outspoken advocate for reconfiguring the current model of research in cancer. In this episode, Azra discusses the content of her book, The First Cell, which takes a critical look at the outdated models being used to study cancer resulting in a lack of progress in survival rates for cancer patients. Azra offers a solution which focuses on early detection and prevention, and she concludes with an optimistic outlook for the future of cancer research.

If you have limited time the early detection discussion is at 29min and 1.22min in. However the entire interview is fascinating.